What’s new at Zebpay?

Zebpay is India’s leading and best cryptocurrency exchange in India. Moreover, they are always evolving to provide the unbeatable user experience. Here is what you need to know more about Zebpay.

Recently Introduced features

Zebpay 2.0
Zebpay 2.0 was released on 20th Jan 2018 and enhanced the beauty of the app. The app now has a smarter design and UI allowing you to trade fast and easily. Along with this, they haven’t comprised on security and upgraded it on to the next level. Integration of new QR code design has made social sharing very easy.
The new trade screen has been divided into 3 parts -
  • On top, you can see last traded price with price change and volume.
  • In middle, you can set your buy and sell rates
  • On bottom, you can check the recent trade history and your orders

What’s new at Zebpay?

New Coins
Zebpay introduced the support for two new cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. You can easily toggle between different cryptocurrencies from the top right button. The average buy/sell prices offered by Zebpay for each cryptocurrency are less compared to other major cryptocurrency exchanges in India.

Importantly, you are eligible for Bitcoin Cash if you had Bitcoin in Zebpay before 1st August 2017. You will automatically receive Bitcoin Cash(BCH) in your Zebpay wallet, equivalent to the bitcoins you had. Also, users who had less than 0.005 BTC are not eligible for Bitcoin Cash.

What’s new at Zebpay?

Coming soon features

This wasn’t much for them. They still are exploring and are coming up soon with new remarkable features. Few of the features that they are up to are

Open order book
  • Using Open Order book, you can can match trades with others for exchange.
Multicoin Support
  • Don't be surprised if Zebpay launches the support for two new cryptocurrency - Ethereum and Ripple. They have this on their priority list.
Instant Pin reset
  • With this feature integrated, you will not have to wait for 24 hours to reset your Pin. You can on the spot reset PIN using the Pin request link directly sent to you through SMS. Note: After resetting the PIn, you are not allowed to transfer funds out of Zebpay or withdraw funds for security reasons.

Zebpay is surely going to leave their footprints in history. If security is a concern to you while trading cryptocurrency, then you Zebpay is the one that you should look forward to. Register now on Zebpay or refer this quick guide on How to register and sell/buy bitcoins on Zebpay?

Have you bought your first Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin from Zebpay? If so then how much? Share with us in comments!
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