Step by Step explanation on How to buy/sell bitcoins in India from Zebpay?

How to trade with Bitcoins? How to Invest in Bitcoins? Where should I start from?

This brief article covers answers to all your questions. A step by step explanation will help you to easily understand the process of buying/selling of Bitcoins. Purchasing Bitcoins from Zebpay is as easy as Mobile Top-up. To learn more about Cryptocurrency, you can refer to our blog here - What is Cryptocurrency? The ultimate guide for beginners

Bitcoin is a digital currency which is stored electronically. To start trading/investing in Bitcoin, you first need to have a bitcoin wallet. There are many companies which provide bitcoin wallets. Zebpay is one such trusted company in India which offers a bitcoin wallet to store your cryptocurrency. So, today we will see how to buy/ sell bitcoins using Zebpay bitcoin wallet.

Zebpay allows you to buy/sell bitcoins only using a mobile app. I have divided the article into 5 sections for you so that you can with ease understand the process of buying/selling bitcoins using ZebPay in India.

What do I need to get started with

  1. Valid Email address and mobile number
  2. Scan copy of PAN Card
  3. Scan Copy of Aadhar Card 
  4. Cancelled Cheque/Bank Statement with Bank Details (Bank name, Account name & number, IFSC)

How to create Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet Account?

  1. Download mobile app of Zebpay ( Android / iOS) and sign up using this link to get Rs.100 free bitcoins -
  2. Create and Verify your Zebpay account. After installing the Zebpay app follow below mentioned steps 
    1. Enter Valid mobile number and click on “accept and continue”.
    2. You will receive an OTP(One Time Password) on your mobile. Simply enter the same OTP to verify your mobile number and then click “verify”.  
    3. Now you will be asked to setup your Pin. Enter the 4 digit Pin that you want to set for Zebpay wallet. Do not share your pin with anybody.
    4.  Confirm your account pin. 
    5.  As a next step, you need to verify 4 things - Email, PAN Card details, Bank details and Aadhar Card details. To verify these details, tap on menu option situated at top right corner on home page and then click on “verification”. 
    6. Kindly read the instruction carefully and click 'continue verification'. 
    7. Enter your email id and go to your mailbox. Open the mail from Zebpay, read instructions and verify your email id and then click “next”. 
    8. Upload your PAN card scanned photo and mention exactly the same details as it is in PAN Card. Click “next”. 
    9. Upload cancelled cheque / statement / pass-book and required bank details and click “next”. Please read instructions carefully before submitting the documents. 
    10. Upload front and rear of Aadhaar card and enter required details as per your Aadhaar card and click “submit”.
After submitting all required details for account verification, you will see the status as “pending”. Your account will be verified within 3 working days. On successful verification, the status shall change to 'approved'.

*CAUTION: It is important to note that, if you forgot your PIN and you try wrong attempts for more than 3 times, then your account will be blocked for 36 working hours. 

How to add money to your Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet?

Now, your account is created and as a next step you need to add money to your Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet. Follow below mentioned steps for the same

  1. Login to the Zebpay app. Go to home page and click “deposit” button. 
  2. Enter amount that you want to deposit to Zebpay wallet and then select RTGS/NEFT/IMPS as payment mode. * 
  3. After that, read all the instructions carefully and click on “accept and continue” button thrice. 
  4. In next screen, bank details of Zebpay will be displayed. Either take a screenshot or note it down somewhere carefully as you will be transferring fund at these bank details. Click “next”.  
  5. Confirm your bank account details as you will have to make payment to the Zebpay bank account mentioned in step 4 above, from your this bank account only. Tap on 'Place deposit order' to proceed. If you make payment from any of your other bank account, the amount will not be accepted and will be refunded back to you. 
  6. In next step it will ask you for transaction type and payment reference number. These details you will get once you transfer fund to your zebpay wallet. Many users miss this step. This is an important step. So, first let’s transfer money to Zebpay Wallet  
    1. Login to your mobile banking / net banking service.
    2. Transfer the same amount as mentioned in step 2. Kindly note that the account type of Zebpay is “current”. They haven’t mentioned it, but you will be asked for it when you add it as third party transfer. You will receive a confirmation mail when the amount is transferred. 
    3. Copy your payment reference number from the account statement. 
    4. Go back to Zebpay app and paste the reference number and select transaction type as per your preference. Click “submit” button. 
    5. Your amount will be reflected in your app within 2 to 24 hours, after you make payment.
Contact Zebpay if your money is not reflected within 24 hours.

* If you choose payment gateway as the payment mode instead of RTGS/NEFT/IMPS then you will be charged for transaction fees additionally. Though the process being simple, if possible avoid it in order to save and opt for Bank Transfer. 

How to buy/sell Bitcoin from Zebpay app?

This section is most interesting as this will finally help you start trading/investing in Bitcoins.
  1. Open your Zebpay wallet and click “buy” on Home Screen                             How to make buy order at Zebpay?
  2. Enter the cryptocurrency amount and set price at which you want to buy bitcoin. Next, click “place buy order”. Note, the amount you enter should be less or equal to the balance in your Zebpay Wallet.
    How to make buy order at Zebpay?
  3. Enter your 4 digit PIN to confirm your purchase.
    Enter to Pin to confirm the buy order at Zebpay
  4. Once you enter the PIN, your bitcoin purchase is complete and you can also see your new bitcoin balance on the home screen. A receipt of the same is also send to you by email.
  5. You can see your current/pending buy orders in "My Order". Click "History" to see the history of buy and sell orders processed till date. 
    History of buy and sell orders at Zebpay

Congrats, you have successfully purchased Bitcoins. Similarly, you can sell your bitcoins and the amount will be reflected in your Zebpay Wallet. You can transfer this amount to your bank by tapping on “withdraw” button.  


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I hope this article helped you to buy/sell bitcoins from Zebpay. Share your experience on purchase of your first Bitcoin in comments. Your feedback is important to us. 


Trading in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies is subject to market, technical and legal risks. Prices in India vary from international prices due to local demand and supply. Zebpay does not guarantee any returns. Users use Zebpay at their own risk.
Also the provided information is completely based on personal experience and it doesn't influence or promote an individual to trade in various cryptocurrencies.
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